Converting NEFs to JPGs using ImageMagick
Jul 25, 2014
1 minute read

After taking a crap ton of raw format NEFs, it’s very useful to have an easy mechanism to preview the pictures so I can kill the obviously bad ones. If you just try to preview the NEFs, you’ll either run out of memory or only be able to view a few at a time since each file can be in the 10-15mb range.

Mostly for my own reference, here is how I converted everything to extremely low quality for previewing. The resultant file varies, but is no more than a few hundred kb and sometimes less than 100kb.

ls -1 | grep NEF | awk '{ print "convert "  " -quality 10% "  ".jpg" }' | bash

Obviously not a perfect line, but it does get the job done if you’re in a directory that just has NEFs.

I’ll come back and update this when I inevitably wrap this in a more useful script.